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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Season 2

Following their defeat of Megatronus, the Autobots are visited by Micronus, who comes to take back the power the Primes lent Optimus. The process greatly weakens the legendary hero, who nonetheless insists on remaining an active part of the team. Feeling there are too many Bots around to make one efficient squad, Bee splits the team in two, with one to deal with Decepticon threats near the Scrapyard, and the other to travel the world looking for fugitives. Optimus takes charge of the "away team," which is sent to the polar ice cap to capture polar bear Decepticon POLARCLAW, but the teammates under his leadership are uncertain of his capability. At the same time, the "home team" contends with OVERLOAD, a Decepticon with a score to settle with Optimus, who's forgotten the pounding he once gave rookie Bumblebee. Bee hasn't forgotten, however, and demands to face Overload alone.